Elixir Power Solutions is proud of our strong relationships and connections throughout the energy industry. Because we have put forth the required time and effort to foster relationships with energy suppliers across all deregulated markets, it is easy for us to compare rates among industry giants as well as local suppliers.

We also work closely with churches, CPAs, buying groups and other organizations that have established trusted relationships with local businesses near them. When these groups refer a business or business owner to Elixir Energy for a rate analysis, we thank them for their referral by donating a portion of our proceeds back to their organization or a charity or individual of their choice.

Our advanced technology, combined with our unique relationships with suppliers, referring entities and local businesses all combine to mean that we are able to provide our customers with unbeatable service. As an Elixir Power Solutions customer, you will never pay us for our pricing services. The only thing our customers will experience is savings!